Royal Ontario Museum

Allan & his Wife Iris visited  the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada 2015

Lang's Fossils talk on eur.1999

Allan Lang  does a tv talk on the fossil called Eurypterus Remipes, the state fossil of New York.

Collecting in England

Collecting field trip in England

Collecting trilobites

Collecting trilobites in New York

Tucson show 2008

Allan Lang at the Tucson show 2008

Collecting trip to Morocco 2010

Collecting in the deserts of Morocco

Collecting trip in Aziona

Allan Lang collecting in the Aziona desert.

Collecting in Florida

Allan Lang loves collecting in Florida

Field trips to Langs quarry

Each summer, it is our pleasure to welcome an ever-growing number of school groups, educational visites, and geology and paleontology groups to Lang's Quarry.

Tokyo International Mineral Show

Tokyo international mineral show is the oldest and largest mineral show in Asia.  Allan Lang and his marvelous eurypterid collection were the Guests of Honor at the 2005 Tokyo show.

Natrual History of London

Langs fossils is visited by the Natural History Museum of London


The trip down under!


Collecting trip in Kenya!    


Whitewater rafting in Alaska

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